Monday, November 28, 2005

Thanks and more Thanks

Thank you to everyone who has posted comments over the past few weeks. It warms my heart to read the comments of old and new friends who are either on their own journey or just following ours. It truly reinforces to me that we are on the right path and that our child will be brought into an environment where love reigns!

I didn't get a chance to post over the weekend as I was extremely busy! I cooked Thanksgiving dinner for our family (well actually I just poured into a dish and put the dish into the oven, but I am calling that cooking even though it was more like food coordination!), and then proceeded to start to decorate for Christmas. Last year after the holidays we purchased an artificial pre-lit tree, thinking that of course we would be about 8-9 months pregnant and not have the energy for a real tree (I always planned for my pregnancy with each IVF attempt!). Well, let me tell you, that tree was more work than a real one! I spent over 3 hours putting it together and "fluffing" the branches. Let's hope next year I won't have to go through all the fluffing! Needless to say it is a beautiful tree, even if it required extra work!

I also went to Charlotte with my mom to a craft show. That was a lot of fun, so many beautiful things were for sale. I bought a few things and so did mom. Our favorite was a booth that featured dried oranges, pomegranets (sp?), and artichokes, all spiced with Christmas smells. I bought all kinds of potporri- the house truly smells like Christmas now.

Even though we are past Thanksgiving, I do want to share my list of things for which I am most thankful- keep in mind these are not in order of my thankfullness! (Is that a word?)

1. My personal relationship with God
2. The 29 years I had with my dad
3. The 9 years I had with my Katie.
4. The memories I have of my grandparents
5. The fact that I am married to my best friend
6. The close relationship I have with my mom- she is my mother first and my friend second and for that I love her with all my heart.
7. I have a wonderful mother in law- I couldn't ask for better. She is everything that a girl could ask for!
8. Our close group of friends- each one of you is special to us in a way that will last a lifetime! You all know who you are!
9. My job.
10. My education. Thanks Mom and Dad, Clemson University and the Jacques Weber Foundation!
11. Did I mention being married to my best friend? I did? Well, it bears mentioning twice because I am truly truly thankful. I can honestly say that Derek is my soulmate, that we are perfect for each other in everyway, and the thought of growing old with him makes my heart sing!
12. Clemson beat Carolina this year. LOL. Seems trivial I know, but to folks in SC we live and die by this game!
13. Our home.
14. The fact that adoption is available for us. We long to share our love with a child, and without the miracle of adoption, that probably wouldn't be possible!

Once again, thank you to all who have posted comments. I visit the blogs of each person who posts, so please know that I am following your stories as well.

I will post more pics of the nursery as I download them from my camera. Somehow I seem to find other things to do on the weekend, but I'll eventually get to it!

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Ed and Lisa said...

What a great tribute to this Thanksgiving holiday! Sounds like you had a super weekend! Loved the dried out fruits and veggies!