Sunday, April 30, 2006

What a week!!

Today is Sunday, and I must say I am glad this week is about over! I was sick with a stomach bug Monday, Tuesday, and recovering Wed and Thursday. I really have not had any interest in food until Friday. That is sooo not like me. And on top of that, I only lost .2 LB. Where is the justice????

I did manage to hydrate myself enough to get my 18 miler in on Saturday. Let me tell you this, it was a breeze compared to the 14 I had to do LAST Sunday. I never quite realized how much the heat can take it out of you, but last Sunday it was in the mid 80s. My running friend and I struggled to get our 14 in. Actually we started struggling at mile #6 and through sheer will and determination we made it through 14. This week was much different. The temp was in the 60s and we rocked!!! We were both dead tired (no pun intended) when we got done, but there was never a question of "Can we do it" like there was last week. I am beginning to think we just might make it through the marathon, which is 5 weeks from today. That's only 35 days away. YIKES!

The only highlight to my week were the quilt squares I received, the bib and book gift I received from Jan on the CCAI Feb/Mar DTC group, and the MAR2006 DTC Secret Pal gift I received. I loved all my gifts. The bib and book gift came first. Here's a picture:

Don't you just love the Tiger!!! I know our Little Tiger will love it. And she will love the Born to Shop bib. Like mother, like daughter. She will get that honestly!

The books are all super cute, especially the language book. I hope our daughter will be fluent in a foreign language. I only know a little french. Je parle francais un peu.

I hope I said that right!

And when I was feeling like Ralph Rotten, the postman brought me another present!! This really made me feel better- especially since my secret pal sent a pink bunny hoodie towel that I had been looking at myself. How's that for great minds??

Here is a picture:

Isn't this the sweetest thing? I can't wait until I have a little some-bunny to wrap up in this! Hopefully we won't have to go through another mother's day without our daughter or our referral at least!

Thank you secret pal, you ROCK! (that's suzanne speak for you are awesome!)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Karen Tagged me

6 Weird things about myself? I am pretty weird, so it will be hard to limit it to just 6, but I'll try to pick the weirdest of the weird traits.

1. I have freakishly short arms. Stand me next to someone my height, shoulder to shoulder, and my arms will be at least 4- 6" shorter than hers...
2. I am 5'4" and wear a size 10 tennis shoes. (dress shoes are 9 to 9.5) You would think with feet that big, I'd be a little taller. I inherited my mom's short stature and my dad's big feet. Gee thanks.
3. I love to pop zits and pick scabs. It doesn't matter if they are mine or Derek's. I'll chase him around if he's got a big 'un on his back!
4. I can't say the word ominous without first saying "omnious" Don't know why. You'd think someone with a master's degree could say ominous easily but I can't. Say it 6 times fast and you'll know what I mean.
5. I can't watch the Wizard of Oz because the witches and the flying monkeys are too scary to me. In fact, when I was a little girl, I made my mom cut all the pictures of witches out of my books because they were scary.
6. I love to sing, but I am sooooo bad. But that doesn't stop me. I'll sing and talk to myself in the car all the time, especially if someone in the car next to me gives me a "what in the world" look. I just don't car. To me, I sound like Faith Hill. To others, I sound like a shreiking cat (no insult to cats).

Ok, is that weird enough? I better tag 6 more people. Hmmmm. I guess I will tag
Lisa, Donna, Lindsey, Carmi and Doug, Kim, and Chrissie.

BTW, these are not in any kind of order....

Tag on, friends!!

Sunday, April 09, 2006


I had the best weekend and the worst weekend. Best for shopping, worst for marathon training (knee and hip problems- I'll be calling the dr tomorrow)

BUT about the shopping! Mom and I had so much fun! I bought the fabric to make the crib linens. I am sooooo excited about these. Remember that my room is a light mint green. The plaid is going to be the cribskirt, the pink, and the print (asian looking) will be the quilt and the bumper pads!!!
Don't cha just love it!!!

Ok, I've decided against using Ralph Lauren Allison for the twin bed. Instead I will use the pink check sheets that I bought to go with the Allison and a green matelasse. I have the pillow sham to the matelasse, I just need to find the coverlet...

This isn't all I've bought. I got books, secret pal stuff, 2 cute dresses etc. I am attaching pics of them all as well as some of the books I've already bought, etc. I can't stop myself!! It makes me happy to by our daughter things!

I had one more pic to post of a cute pink ladybug photo album that says love bug on it, but for some reason it wouldn't upload. Go figure. Must be a bug in it somewhere. LOL just kidding, sorry for the pun.

It's a work night, so it's off to bed I go now!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

LID and a Shout Out!

We have officially received our LID (Log in Date) and it is 3-27-06. This means so much to me as I really wanted to be logged in by the end of March. March is such a good month for us, and receiving our LID just reinforced that! Typically, it had been taking about 8 weeks to learn of your LID after DTC, and most LIDs were 2-4 weeks after the DTC date, so receiving our LID 1.5 weeks after DTC was a big surprise! We have learned from our agency that the CCAA (China Center for Adoption Affairs) had gotten behind in logging in dossiers, so they brought in some temps to get caught up. YAAAAY For US!

(I hope all that writing about DTC and LID and CCAA doesn't have anyone too confused. Lots of letters, but they are all important ones to us!)

I'd like to give a shout out to The Cantrells and to The Cetons! The Cantrells are dear friends of mine from my growing up years. Christy and Amy (twins) and I were in Sunday School together, played basketball together, and were just always really good friends. I received a note from their mom and know they check out my blog to see what's going on. I have such fond memories of all the time we spent together at church and on the court! Christy and Amy were the core of our team!

The Cetons are a dear family from Pennsylvania that we met at the beach one year (Surfside Beach, SC). Their daughter Merrie and I are close in age and neither of us had a playmate, so Merrie's mom, Judy, introduced us out in the surf and we began a wonderful summer friendship that extended way beyond that first summer. In fact, for years our families would try to schedule vacations at the same time so that Merrie and I could visit. Merrie has 2 younger sisters, Gwen and Allison, and I adored having them tag along with us. After being an only child, it was so cool to have 2 younger ones around that were so much fun. They are all grown up now, of course, and have exciting lives, and I enjoy getting caught up with them through Christmas cards and the like. Judy, thank you so much for your card, it was totally unexpected and so nice to hear from you! Mama and I think of you guys so often as those summers with your family are such good memories for us. Mama and Daddy really enjoyed getting to know you, too- happy happy times!

The marathon training is going well. I still am having IT band issues, but am trying to rest up more this week and have ordered a book on stretching to help with this. I did 14 miles (through guts, sheer will, and determination) last Sunday, but I have to say I wasn't good for much the rest of the day. I went to weight watchers (down another lb), to the grocery store, and that was about it. The rest of the day I spent on our porch swing reading!

The fund raising is also going good, but slowing down. I still need to raise about $1200. I have literally one more month (deadline May 1st) to do this. So please, if you have a couple of bucks you can spare (even if it is just $5), click on my donation link and help support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This is such an important cause! Many thanks to those who have already contributed, I really do appreciate it!

I guess that's all that's going on. I plan to jazz up my blog this weekend. If anyone knows of links and stuff that will help me do this (for free, LOL) how about leaving me a comment with a link!

Suzanne *who is patiently beginning her wait for a referral*