Wednesday, October 13, 2010

One year ago today…

I saw Feng Jiang Yan’s face for the first time. Our little Tiger, Abby. I can’t even describe the joy we felt upon first seeing her picture. All those years and years of waiting melted away, and we knew without a doubt that she was meant to be our little girl.

Fast forward to today… we love this child with every cell in our body. She is the light of our lives and continues to amaze us each and every day. At 19 months old she is into everything. All hands and feet and go go go! She is really starting to use words more and more. I can ask her her name and she will say Abby. Then I can ask her what’s my name and she will say mama. She knows the dogs name is Maggie and has recently started calling Derek Daddy instead of always dada.

She is stringing together her words now to form short sentences. Bye bye dada. Up peas. (please). no, no, no maggie. (when maggie is trying to steal her food). She loves to be outside and can say grass, trees, flowers, bee, bird, doggy.

She loves animals (elmos as she calls them) and can oink, moo, and bah with the best of them.

Our little girl is rapidly leaving her babyness and is fast becoming a toddler. Oh. My. Goodness. In some ways I am ready for her to be able to talk more and communicate and understand more. But I will morn the loss of my sweet little snuggly baby.

Here are some recent pictures, these were taken at her first Clemson Football game on 9-4, so they are about 1.5 months old…IMG_1259 IMG_1261 IMG_1255

Abby and her daddy