Monday, March 27, 2006

Our Map!

I've added a Frappr Map, and so far only one couple has added themselves. So, come on all you lurkers, let me know where you are from!!!


WooHOO! We were notified that our dossier was received in China on 3-20, so I guess we are officially waiting! It feels good to be at this point now, but frustrating too since we don't know how long of a wait we will have. I suppose it is an exercise in patience.

Derek and I celebrated our 11th anniversary on Saturday. Wow. 11 years. The time has certainly flown by. Derek fished and I ran and had a 2 hour massage (HEAVEN!) and then we went to dinner at one of our favorites, a Japanese Steakhouse (Mimi's) and it was delicious. I am afraid the salty food however, hindered my weight watchers weigh in, I was only down .4, but it was so worth it!

I need help. Really. I can't stop shopping for our daughter, and I don't know how to stop! I haven't bought clothes, but books are fair game! Books are safe, books are one size fits all! Our daughter will have enough books to check them out to her friends. But that's ok, I figure, if you are going to spoil a child, it might as well be with books. So far my favorite is a Buoyton Board book, it is says " A cow says Moo. A sheep says Baa. Three dancing pigs say La La La. No no you say, that isn't right, the pigs all say oink oink all day and night....." Isn't that hysterical???

I have signed up for 2 different secret pal lists so I can feed my need to shop.

I've also made one blanket for our daughter, but it was a practice one. Those blanket bindings are tough to sew and get even!

The training for the marathon is going well. My long run to date is 12 miles, and this weekend I will tackle 14. I never thought I would be able to do this, but it is amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it! For a while there, I was having trouble with my legs, but I went to a store called Run In, and Jeff Milliman there hooked me up with some awesome Mizuno Wave Elixirs. Trust me, as soon as I put these puppies on, a lot of my pain went away. I am still having some residual issues, but I can tell it is getting better everyday. I ran pain free on Saturday, so I know that I am on the right track. Here is their website, check them out.

The fundraising is going well too. I am over half way there, but still need to raise about $1500. So keep those donations coming!

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Just a quick note to let everyone know that Derek and I will be on vacation the 12th-18th, so there won't be any posts from me! We are going to Lake Eufala for Derek's Stren Series Bass Fishing Tournament. Hopefully we'll be bringing home a pot full of money!

Today we fished in a couples tournament, and came in 5th out of 27 boats. We weighed in a limit of 5 bass that weighed a total of 14.94 lbs. I caught 3 of them for 8.88 lbs and Derek caught 2 for 6.06 lbs. We won our entry fee back plus $5 so overall it was a good day. We were really on some fish. Between the two of us, we caught a total of 16 fish (6 for me, 10 for Derek) which was great considering the fact that only 16 boats weighed in a limit, and 2 caught ZERO....

Tomorrow is my 10 mile run, I am sure it will be ok. I took Thursday and Friday off from running to give my poor knees a break, and my legs are feeling much better today because of it! They are saying "Thank you!"

I'll post again when we return from our trip. This is EXACTLY why I want a laptop. I can't keep up with all my blogging friends without it!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

So how long IS it going to take?

One of the things that has supremely frustrated me about the adoption process is the ever-changing timelines. I am a Monica Bing personality and when I want something, I want it now, or I at least want to know the specifics of EXACTLY when I will have it.

With a pregnancy, you pretty much know that give or take 36 weeks after you find out you are pregnant that your child will be born. And, to top it off, you have ultrasounds, baby kicks, doctor's appointments, maternity clothes shopping, and an expanding waistline to take your mind off the wait. Each day presents something exciting, and the wait goes by quickly!

With an adoption, you don't have any of that. There is a lot of activity getting your paperwork together, and then pretty much nothing until the referral. Oh you can work on the nursery, and what not, but you really can't shop as you have no idea what size or age you will be referred. Now, if I knew that I was going to have to wait 6 months for a referral that would be ok. But the timeline keeps changing. At first, when we sent our application in, we were told that referrals were 5-6 months after LID (log in date) in China. Then the wait stretched to 7 months, then to 8, then to 9, and now they are projecting 10-12. Of course, that's not to say that over the course of the next year that the timelines won't drop back down just as quickly, but I can't hope for that or expect that, because all that leads to is disappointment.

Derek and I will definitely make use of the time together- we are going to Alabama for his fishing tournament next week, I've got the marathon thing, and we'll cheer for our Tigers this fall like the crazy fanatics we are, but to have this mysterious wait time hanging out there is enough to drive me batty! I can't plan, I can't shop, and there's nothing to do right now but wait.

I ordered a pattern to make the crib bedding, that will take up a couple of weekends, and I plan to paint the guest bathroom. That will take up all of one weekend. I've painted everything else, the new carpet is in, scrapbooks are in process, books are being read, movies are being watched. What else is there?

Well, I can go to everyone else's blogs and see how they are. The ones with babies home are the best, as it gives me a glimpse of what we have to look forward to. The ones in the same stage of the process as us are comforting- it helps to know I am not the only one suffering from the "I can't wait any longers..."

On that note, I will end this post. If anyone is starting up a secret pal thing for adoption couples in the same time frame as us, I am up for it! Just let me know... will give me an excuse to go shopping.....