Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Is it Spring yet?

This mama has SPRING FEVER!!!! Hurry up warm weather, I'm ready for you!
Abby is learning so many things since she's been to school (aka daycare). Recent things she's picked up since starting daycare are:
1. drinking from a straw
2. clapping
3. mimicking us when we cough
4. standing for a few seconds
5. trying to get into cabinets
6. jabbering on and on loudly about something. Anyone speak baby?
7. wants to feed herself all the time now and does so well!
We are very excited that we are going to have a mini-reunion with some of those in our travel group over Memorial Day weekend. YAY!! Asian Invasion in Hotlanta!

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Thursday, March 04, 2010

snow and stuff...

Well I am back at work. Daycare for the most part has been going well. But I hate only having about 2 hours with my girl before bed time. I can't WAIT for the weekend to get here. Lots of play time. Lots of mommy-Abby time.
The daycare teacher has said that Abby's only problem is that she wants to be held all the time. Heh. Imagine that. Probably because we hold her all the time. Who wouldn't want to? I told the teacher that Abby had 8.5 months of never being held and from the day we got her, we have held her and loved on her, and you know what? Abby decided she liked it and it was good. So it's a good thing she wants to be held all the time!
This weekend is Abby's first birthday!!!! I can't imagine that she's already one. She has changed so much since we became a family. When we got her she could just barely roll over and couldn't sit up by herself at all. 3 months later, she is crawling and pulling up and wants to walk so badly. She was toothless but now has 4 teeth. She had never been fed anything but the bottle and now she wants nothing to do with babyfood, only wants table food! She can say Mama, Ma (for maggie), uh oh, and bye bye, though she won't talk on command at all. When asked where's daddy, she looks at him, when asked where's Nai Nai, she looks at Edra, and has no problem picking Maggie out either!
She won't leave poor Maggie alone. She crawls over her, pulls on her, "pats" her and in general just tortures her. But Maggie must love it, as everyday when we get home from "school" she runs around in circles jumping up and down and tries to kiss Abby. It really is cute!
I'll leave you with some pictures, because I know that's what you want to see!

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