Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ok, I just had to buy these...

Yes I know that when we are in China we can get squeaky shoes for about $4-$5. But what are the odds that they have THESE squeaky shoes? Baby girl has to have Clemson shoes. She just has to. So mama bought these for her. Aren't they just the cutest things ever??????

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Monday, August 24, 2009

The countdown has officially begun...

With the stork bringing referrals on Friday for families logged in on 3-23-06 and 3-24-06 (Thursday and Friday), it is now safe to begin the countdown for our referral in September. Our log in date is 3-27-06 which was on a Monday. Yahoo!!!
I am guessing that referrals will arrive around 9/22, so we are at 29 days and counting.....
And, another 5 1/2 month old baby was referred... I love seeing the young babies!

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Drumroll please.....

The rumors are out, and my gut instincts are correct.... we will not receive our referral this month, but we are on for September. It's finally official, we are NEXT.  The rumors say that referrals are in the air as we speak and the cut off is for families logged in on March 24th. In 2006, March 24th was a Friday. There are a few families logged in on March 26th which was a Sunday- it seems odd to have a log in on a Sunday, so my guess is that these families were actually logged in on the 27th but somehow their date was miscommunicated. Regardless, by all intents and purposes, the 27th (which is our log in date) is the VERY NEXT date to be referred. This means there are no ifs, ands, or buts... we are definitely in for September.
Referrals in July came on the 21s/22nd. Referrals for August are expected on the 19th/20th. So, my best guess is that we will see our referral arrive somewhere between September 18th and September 25th with the most likely days being the 21st or 22nd.
Oh my goodness. That means there are only about 34 days until we will see the face of our baby girl! It is wild for me to think that somewhere in Beijing, our file is sitting on a worker's desk with a bunch of files of other families. And on that same desk are a pile of babies' files. And that worker is deciding which family gets which baby. It most certainly has to be Divinely inspired. 
Thursday is my birthday. I will be 37. How is this possible? I still feel like I'm 24. I never in a million years thought I would be a first time mother at 37. But, somehow this feels right. It also means that I'm younger than the rest of the 37 year olds. Right?

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Pink Puppy

Because everyone deserves a friend...

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Granola Shoes

Part of me loves Coach purses, Ann Taylor clothes, getting my nails done every month, and reading Glamour magazine. The other part is a no-makeup-wearing northface patagonia merrell outdoor loving tomboy who has no time for all that. The two vastly different sides of my personality seem to peacefully coexist.

I present to you my new shoes. Derek calls them my granola shoes. I thought they would be good for the trip- they are Merrells and they are easy to get on and off for airport security, and by golly, they are pretty comfortable.

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Monday, August 03, 2009

Impatiently Patient

When we are travelling to get Baby Schlotterback, on our in-China flights we will be limited to one bag, 44 lbs or less per ticketed passenger.
44 lbs. That's not that much when you consider how big the suitcase is that I planned to pack. And if we travel in November, we will likely need warm clothes for our daughter's province and summer clothes for when we go to Guangzhou to finalize. (Avg temps for Guangzhou in November are around 80- it's on the same latitude line as Cuba)
Trying to figure out now how we are going to handle this. 44 lbs just isn't a lot. We'll stuff our backpacks too as carry-ons. But still. 44lbs.
At the consignment sale I found a stroller. A Graco Metro Lite for $50 (retails for about $140) that is in great condition. I also bought just a couple of outfits, but mostly pjs. And I bought a brand new pair of Robeez in size 0-6 months for $4 and a brand new pair of pink Nikes in size 3.5. I don't even know what age child wears a 3.5, but hey, they were only $5 and looked brand new. All in all I showed restraint and stayed within budget and then Grandmommy Ann surprised me with money to cover it all! YAY! Thanks Mom!
All I can say right now is that we are impatiently patient. I've been so good throughout this whole wait, taking it in stride and not really obsessing about anything. (Thank you triathlon!) But I've found as we get closer to our referral, I am becoming a neurotic mess and am very impatient, wishing the time away. But because this is all on China time, we must wait, there is nothing we can do about it. So here we are. Ok, mostly me. Impatiently patient.

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