Monday, May 08, 2006

Uncle Jim

Last Tuesday my Uncle Jim passed away. He had been sick with Esophogeal (sp?) cancer and had been bravely fighting it for about 5 years. My aunt and uncle live in Gainesville, VA, and my mom had traveled up the previous Thursday for a "roast" their church was having in Jim's honor. They called it Jimboree and Judy 2. Jim was loved by everyone who knew him and this roast was their opportunity to share their love. Jim put on a brave face and did his best to enjoy the event, but he was very sick and suffering greatly. Monday brought a trip to the doctor, who told him that everything that could be done had been done. My uncle accepted the news well, and passed on early the next morning. I think he chose that time because he knew my aunt was not alone, my mother was still there. He had just spent a lovely weekend with the family, and had an opportunity to see everyone. He was suffering, and God decided it was time to bring him home.

While we all grieve, we do not do so without hope, because as Believers we know we will see Jim again. He will meet us at the Gates of Heaven and will try to sell us aluminum siding for our home (a running joke with him).

Jim was a very loving and generous man. When I write generous, that word seems inadequate to describe how he was. Jim gave without hesitation, and he did so all the time. Jim was a true servant of God. If there ever was a person who embodied the servant spirit, it was Jim. That saying, to whom much is given, much is expected, is exactly how Jim lived his life. He gave to his family, his church, his community, and even strangers, although, they weren't strangers for long.

My family is very small. My mom has one sister and my father has one brother. My father's brother never married and we really don't have a relationship with him. My mother's sister's family was the extent of our family when I was growing up. I remember thinking that I hoped my parents made provisions for me to be raised by my aunt and uncle if anything happened to them. Jim was such a good daddy, and my aunt a mother; if I couldn't have my parents, they were the next best ones.

I love them dearly, and will miss Jim tremendously. I doubt he's missing us, though. His rewards in Heaven were immediate and plentiful, and I know my father and grandfather were waiting on him to arrive. I am sure there was an issue that still needed to be argued. They all loved that.

At the end of Jim's memorial service, the organist played "Take Me Out To The Ball Game." That was a perfect ending. I am sure Jim had a big ole smile on his face.

Jim was a retired FBI agent. I think it's fitting to say, "Mission accomplished, Settle. It's time to go Home now."


GandLmom said...

I am so sorry for the loss of Jim. I know he really was an amazing man. Sending my love to you guys from Texas!!


Kim said...

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your Uncle. To be able to share so much about him just shows what an incredible person he was.

Karen and Jon said...

Wow, he sounds like an amazing guy and your love for him really shows. Love the song that was played at the end of the service. I hope everyone in your family is holding up well.

Jackie said...

The love and memory of family is so special! I'm sorry that you've lost your uncle, but I'm glad that you have so many wonderful memories of him. I hope they provide some comfort at such a difficult time. Thinking of you!