Sunday, April 30, 2006

What a week!!

Today is Sunday, and I must say I am glad this week is about over! I was sick with a stomach bug Monday, Tuesday, and recovering Wed and Thursday. I really have not had any interest in food until Friday. That is sooo not like me. And on top of that, I only lost .2 LB. Where is the justice????

I did manage to hydrate myself enough to get my 18 miler in on Saturday. Let me tell you this, it was a breeze compared to the 14 I had to do LAST Sunday. I never quite realized how much the heat can take it out of you, but last Sunday it was in the mid 80s. My running friend and I struggled to get our 14 in. Actually we started struggling at mile #6 and through sheer will and determination we made it through 14. This week was much different. The temp was in the 60s and we rocked!!! We were both dead tired (no pun intended) when we got done, but there was never a question of "Can we do it" like there was last week. I am beginning to think we just might make it through the marathon, which is 5 weeks from today. That's only 35 days away. YIKES!

The only highlight to my week were the quilt squares I received, the bib and book gift I received from Jan on the CCAI Feb/Mar DTC group, and the MAR2006 DTC Secret Pal gift I received. I loved all my gifts. The bib and book gift came first. Here's a picture:

Don't you just love the Tiger!!! I know our Little Tiger will love it. And she will love the Born to Shop bib. Like mother, like daughter. She will get that honestly!

The books are all super cute, especially the language book. I hope our daughter will be fluent in a foreign language. I only know a little french. Je parle francais un peu.

I hope I said that right!

And when I was feeling like Ralph Rotten, the postman brought me another present!! This really made me feel better- especially since my secret pal sent a pink bunny hoodie towel that I had been looking at myself. How's that for great minds??

Here is a picture:

Isn't this the sweetest thing? I can't wait until I have a little some-bunny to wrap up in this! Hopefully we won't have to go through another mother's day without our daughter or our referral at least!

Thank you secret pal, you ROCK! (that's suzanne speak for you are awesome!)


Kim said...

I love watching the gifts come in. Its like a cyber shower everyday:)

TimandKim said...

So cute. I have the same towel and washcloth set. It is cute and looks even more adorable wrapped around a little one. Can't wait for you to be able to do that!