Sunday, April 09, 2006


I had the best weekend and the worst weekend. Best for shopping, worst for marathon training (knee and hip problems- I'll be calling the dr tomorrow)

BUT about the shopping! Mom and I had so much fun! I bought the fabric to make the crib linens. I am sooooo excited about these. Remember that my room is a light mint green. The plaid is going to be the cribskirt, the pink, and the print (asian looking) will be the quilt and the bumper pads!!!
Don't cha just love it!!!

Ok, I've decided against using Ralph Lauren Allison for the twin bed. Instead I will use the pink check sheets that I bought to go with the Allison and a green matelasse. I have the pillow sham to the matelasse, I just need to find the coverlet...

This isn't all I've bought. I got books, secret pal stuff, 2 cute dresses etc. I am attaching pics of them all as well as some of the books I've already bought, etc. I can't stop myself!! It makes me happy to by our daughter things!

I had one more pic to post of a cute pink ladybug photo album that says love bug on it, but for some reason it wouldn't upload. Go figure. Must be a bug in it somewhere. LOL just kidding, sorry for the pun.

It's a work night, so it's off to bed I go now!


Karen and Jon said...

I LOVE the fabric you have picked. And I love the mint green - I haven't picked everything out yet but I am thinking green and lavendar. Yes, the Chia is TOTALLY a joke. It's great that your family has a Chia Christmas joke also. I knew you were my type of gal!!!! Hope the knees and hip are better.

Nathan & Emily's Mommy (Mary) said...

I like the sound of that...retail theraphy

Karen and Jon said...

Hey Miss Suzanne - I tagged you. Go to my blog for details.