Monday, September 14, 2009


The rumors have started.... so that usually means that matching has begun... which means we are 1-2 weeks away from seeing our sweet baby girl's face!!!
Would anyone like to start guessing what province she's from and her age?
My totally random guess is Jiangxi and I think she will be 9 months old...
We still are working on names. Planning to see her sweet face first and take it from there....
This weekend was a fun one. I did the Tour de Paws Metric Century bike ride to benefit the Spartanburg Humane Society. The ride went really well and I was averaging a good speed when a rider in front of me decide on a hill it would be a great idea to down shift to a smaller gear and his speed dropped SOFAST. I couldn't react fast enough and hit his back wheel with my front wheel. So what does one think about when one knows she's about to hit the pavement? PROTECT THE BIKE!!! Luckily all I got was some road rash on my knee and hand (yay another scar on my poor knees!), a few bruises, and some ripped up tape on my handlebars. Easy to fix. Phew. I was not a happy camper though about the incident. When you are riding in a group, no abrupt changes please!
I also took Edra shopping- we had a great time and found lots of cute things. I mostly stayed away from the baby clothes. I did buy one pair of orange stripped pants in a 6-9 month size. I couldn't resist! Gosh, I can't wait to go shopping for baby girl! At least then I will feel like I'm doing something productive!
Next weekend is the Boston College/Clemson game at home. That will help the weekend go by fast.  Thankfully. I want all weekends to go by fast until we are together as a family!!!

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Jay and Kelly said...

Yes, can you believe we will see their beautiful faces it the next few weeks. So happy for you guys!!

Karen and Jon said...

Oh Suzanne I am soooo excited for you!!!! Gosh I remember the crazy excitement when we were getting close. Enjoy the ride!!

S.Wise said...

Glad you are okay after your spill. That would have been bad timing to be hurt!!!! Well, I guess anytime is bad timing to be hurt. :)

I'm so ready for new news!!! Let's get this show on the road!!!

Terri said...

Here's hoping that referrals are out soon and they match to the 29th!! I can only imagine you are going CRAZY. I am checking RQ like a mad women and we have 14 LID's to go yet.
LID 4-7-06
For Grace

Kayce said...

This is a great month!! Can't wait to see many little faces in just a few short weeks!!!!