Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Enough already!

You know, after 41 months and 27 days of official waiting, I thought I was a patient person. Really I did. I have been so good during this wait. We've accomplished so much and really, both of us have not struggled. We've enjoyed each other, we've done things we knew would be hard with a little one, we more or less lived our lives, and lived them fully.
The past 2 weeks have been absolute torture for me. I don't know about Derek... he really is my calm center... he has the patience of Job! But I am going crazy. I think for me if I had a date when I knew I could count on, I would be ok. But this not knowing part, but knowing it's close... it's insane.
Right now there are rumors that the Chinese govt is going to wait and send referrals just before they leave for their national holiday, which begins 10-1. That means if they mail on Sept 30th, they will land in the US on 10-2 or 10-5, and we will receive the information the following day. There are also rumors that they aren't going to send them until after they return from holiday, which is 10-8. That would mean we wouldn't hear until 10-13 or 10-14. That to me is unbearable. How in the heck am I supposed to wait until then? Arghhhh!!!!!!! And, if we don't hear until then, we will likely be travelling in mid to late November and will miss Thanksgiving at home. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
But, there are also people who believe that they may mail referrals out at the end of this week, and there is always the chance that they've already been mailed.
Do you see why I'm going nuts?

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Deb said...

I found you on RQ...we also have a 3/27/09 LID and I am going crazy too! I would have to agree that these last few weeks have certainly been the toughest!! I feel useless right now! Hopefully soon!!


3D said...

I am all kinds of cashew here too!!! It just can't can't!!

Keep smilin!

Jay and Kelly said...

Feeling the same way. Boo hoo sad today and my calm hubby is telling me not to get so upset, it will happen when it happens.
I just had my mind set on this week that's all.... when I see that we may not hear anything until Oct... boo hoo.

A New Beginning said...

I have my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed hoping you hear something soon.

S.Wise said...

I can't take it.... I was a mess today. I think I'm too old to throw a tantrum... but I think I might give it a try. ;)