Thursday, May 03, 2007

So, What's new?

Referrals have arrived for families logged in Oct 27- Nov 1 2005. One thing I have noticed about these referrals is that most of the babies are younger. I've seen lots of 8 month olds and even one 6 month old. Hmmm. I think this is interesting.

Our agency still believes we will get our referral in the March, April, May 2008 time frame. So that means another year. I hope that our wait won't get longer than this, but you never can tell. It's frustrating because those outside of the Chinese adoption community don't know about the long waits, all they know is that we're waiting, and thought we'd have our daughter by now, so we get all kinds of questions about it. I've even had some people approach me about going to a different country or considering domestic adoption. Which really bothers me. One, we are pretty well vested in China. This is where our daughter is. Two, we chose China over domestic and other countries because it felt right. Just because the wait is getting longer does not mean that it's still not right for us. It was not a decision we took lightly therefore it is not a decision we will change. I know people have our best interests at heart, but it really bothers me when they say "so and so adopted from Guatemala. They only had to wait XX months. Have you considered that?" Or I know someone who is pregnant and considering adoption, do you want me to give her your name? I have nothing against domestic adoption. Many many many times it works out perfectly. But many many many times someone ends up with a broken heart because it didn't work out. No, my heart has had enough over the past few years. I do not want to go through a broken heart again. Waiting is hard, but at least there is a bright ray of sunshine at the end.

I have my first Tri of the summer on 5/12. I'll be sure to post pictures of the event. It is a tri that has an open water swim in Lake Hartwell, and I'll be wearing a wetsuit for it since water temps will likely be below 70. I just bought a used wetsuit and you should see me trying to put it on. I have a hard time getting it over my calves and knees. I feel like Ross in the Friends' episode where he's wearing the leather pants. He starts to sweat and can't get them back up after being in the bathroom. He tugs and pulls and sweats more. The pants aren't budging. He adds powder and then lotion. Still no luck and now he's made a paste! This is exactly how I feel putting the daggum thing on. It's pretty funny. I'm glad I can entertain Derek.


Doris & Dan said...

It is hard when people mean well but say things that are not helpful.

Good luck on the Tri! Love the Friends reference. Totally get your dilemma.

Keep smilin!

Kim said...

It stinks when people just don't get why we continue to stay with China ): Even when they have your best interests at heart. Good luck with the Tri!

PattiB said...

SOmehow I got to your blog from another adoptive family's blog. I saw Clemson on your blog and checked out your profile and noticed that you are in Simpsonville, SC. That is where we are building a house (Heritage Point near Heritage Park) and moving in 8 weeks. Our LID is 3/1/06. We are hoping for a referral by years end. How close are you and your husband to referral??