Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Clemson Sprint Tri

Murphy's Law: it happened on my way to this tri. Clemson is about 1 hour from our house, so I'm heading over the morning of the tri and when I am about 6-7 miles away, I get 2 flat tires. I freak out and finally end up waking up our friends Darlene and Jason to look up my coach's phone number on her website. I call her and she sends a friend to pick me up (come to find out the girl she sent is someone I was friends with in college!) I make it to the tri just in the nick of time. Adrenaline is flowing... I do pretty good for me, I met my goals. Finishing time was 1:27:18. I was 65th of 138 women and 12th of 16 in my age group (35-39). The tri was a 750 m swim, 11 mile bike ride, and a 5K run. I wanted to average over 17 mph on the bike (I avged 17.44) and I wanted to run the 5K in under 30 min (I did it in 29:58). I am very excited that I met my goals!

PS. I won $1000 from USA Triathlon for answer their online survey. Now I can pay off the new bike!

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Doris & Dan said...

Good for you!!!

Keep smilin!