Tuesday, June 13, 2006

So much has happened

So much has happened. I've tried to update my blog about 3 times but each time blogger went down. So, this is a quickie- I'll update more thoroughly later.

First let me say thank you to my secret pals. The gifts have been awesome and I feel so guilty that I haven't been able to acknowledge them yet. But I do have a good excuse.

1. First of all, the legal action with my father's brother is now over and done. We settled after almost 4 years of "legal disagreements" and he has bought my mom and I out of the farm. I cannot begin to tell you how we thought we'd never see the day we'd be free of him. But it's finally happened.
2. My grandmother's house sold. I spent the week of memorial day helping my mom and my aunt pack it all up. We were very happy that it sold to a nice family, but sad to leave it. The packing up wasn't a problem but everyone in our small family has established homes, so we have lots of things and no one to use them. Fortunately we left a good bit for the family who bought the house as they didn't have a house before and could use a lot of the things!
3. I had my marathon. Finished in 6 hours, 30 minutes and 30 seconds. Will post more about that in a bit...
4. Derek found out he's lost his job effective June 30th. Apparently when the textile mills that buy spare parts shut down, that affected his job(textile spare parts business). Go figure. So now we are searching for the "right" position for him.
5. Derek's mom fell on Tuesday after Memorial Day. Scraped up her arms pretty bad. Didn't break anything, thank goodness. But, that evening was spent cleaning her up and getting her wounds addressed. Anytime a diabetic has a wound you really have to be careful. I won't get into the specifics of what happened, but it was in the bathroom and I had to help her, not Derek. I totally feel prepared for motherhood now. I am so glad she's ok. The fall ended up being a good thing in disguise, because now she will let me help her bathe, and I know that will help her feel better on a daily basis.

Whew. Crazy couple of weeks. Will post more on the secret pal presents and on the marathon later. I've got pictures to post, folks, so stay tuned!


"M" said...

Congratulations on your marathon!!! :) Would love to hear all about it.

LID 10/31/05

Karen and Jon said...

Wow - you have been busy!!! Congrats on the marathon, that is awesome. Sorry to hear about Derek's job. I hope everything works out with the job situation.

Trixie said...

I need to visit more often because I am missing all of the good parts. You are busy and so much of it is with family. I can related to the parental care issues! Will you still do the addition even with the job loss? I hope it all works out for you. Hugs!

Ed and Lisa said...

Very cool about the marathon but sorry to hear about the job loss and your mil.... Best wishes as you move forward!! : )


Stacy said...

Wow! I would say your are a LOT busy! Congratulations on the marathon. That is impressive.

I'm sorry to hear about the other troubles. I'm glad to hear your MIL wasn't hurt too badly.

Best Wishes!