Friday, February 17, 2006

Almost on our way...

This week was a pretty good one, inspite of the fact that Derek was gone to West Point Lake for a fishing tourney (Stren Series). Our documents came back from the Sec of State with their certification, so as soon as they did, I sent them to the courier in DC to be certified and authenticated by the US Dept of State and the Chinese Embassy. We should have them back by the end of next week, and then our dossier will be ready to go to our agency! WOO HOO. At that point, all the paperwork is out of our hands and we just wait. And wait. And wait. But at least now, we are closer to the waiting!!

Training for the marathon is going well. I am almost through week 2 and have upped my mileage considerably. Before I started this training I was logging 9-10 miles per week. Week #1 I logged in 16 miles and this week I will have 19 miles. Tomorrow is a five mile easy run in the cold rain at 6:30 AM. Last week was also in the rain. What do I have to do to not run in the rain? Oh well, at least this proves to myself how dedicated I am. Before signing up for this, I would have said anyone who got up that early to run in the cold rain was smoking something funny! I did buy a couple of books written by Jeff Galloway. He is a marathon runner who advocates and running/walking approach for long runs. This is what Sunny Lea does (my cousin who will be doing the marathon with me) so I will probably give it a try. So far I can do 5 milers, but the thought of 10, 14, or more is a little daunting.

I need to get to work on my donation letters. One of my adoption blog friends, Karen, gave me my first donation. Thank you Karen! This means so much and it was such a surprise to find out about!

Well, that's about all I know to report right now. Hopefully the CCAA will be sending out referrals soon. Here's to hoping it is for a full month this time!

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Karen and Jon said...

You are so welcome Suzanne!! However, I am a bit worried about you. You wrote, "Tomorrow is a five mile easy run in the cold rain at 6:30 AM." The word "Easy" should not be used with five mile, run, cold rain or 6:30 AM.!!! You go!!