Saturday, October 29, 2005

Painting Day and more...

I spent the day painting our bedroom and bathroom. I have never liked the yellow that it was, so it is going back to... China Doll... this is the color of most of the rest of the house. I picked this color out to use in our first house way back in 1997. Coincidence?

This week I hope to paint our front bedroom which will eventually be the nursery. I am planning to paint it a light mint green color. It is such a peaceful color. I hope our little tiger will love it too!

While I was painting the phone rang. Now this is very unusual. Everyone who calls me, calls me on my cell. Usually our home phone is just for telemarketers. I looked at the caller id and it said Colorado. I thought this was strange but I decided to answer it. Boy am I glad I did! It was CCAI calling to tell us that our application has been approved. YAAA! I wasn't really worried that we wouldn't but it means we are "official" now...

I wish I could send all the forms back in on Monday, but Derek has to sign some, so it will have to wait until he is home....

Where is Derek? Well, he went to Atlanta last night to see our friend Maceo, and he was going to the Clemson game today (we lost... not good!) and tomorrow he is driving to Alabama for his fishing tournament. He qualified to fish as a co-angler in the Everstart Series Championship. There are four divisions and the top 40 professionals and co-anglers from each division get invited to fish the championship. Derek is ranked 11th in the Southeastern division, so he is thrilled to be going! The tournament officially starts on Wednesday but he hopes to pre-fish (practice) on Monday and Tuesday. First place for the co-angler is about $30,000 in cash and a new Ranger bass boat worth about $40,000. GO DEREK!!!! His dream is to be a professional and I say he's doing a good job of getting there!

I wish I could be there with him for the tournament, but I decided to stay at home. Our furbaby, Katie (Springer Spaniel) had emergency surgery last month to remove her spleen. It had ruptured from a tumor growing inside of it. She was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma, and the prognosis is not good, so I didn't want to leave her. I want to spend as much time as I can with her! I think she is getting annoyed with me though, because all I do is hug and kiss on her everytime she comes near me!

Being at home was a good opportunity to get the painting project done... On that note I need to get back to it... those walls aren't going to paint themselves!!!


Ethan's Mom said...

Hi Suzanne,
I just saw your comments in one of the forums and noticed that your application date was close to mine. We're also using CCAI and were approved on 10/24. I'm going to Fed Ex them the signed contract and fee schedule tomorrow and hopefully we can get started on the Home Study soon. Who knows, maybe we'll be going over to China together! Best wishes to you and your husband!
Ocala, FL

Shannon said...

Congratulations on starting the process! We just recently had our home study and are still knee deep in paperwork. We're in upstate SC too, outside of Charlotte. I saw a comment you left on LIndey's site. Good luck with everything and drop by my blog if you'd like!