Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Is it Spring yet?

This mama has SPRING FEVER!!!! Hurry up warm weather, I'm ready for you!
Abby is learning so many things since she's been to school (aka daycare). Recent things she's picked up since starting daycare are:
1. drinking from a straw
2. clapping
3. mimicking us when we cough
4. standing for a few seconds
5. trying to get into cabinets
6. jabbering on and on loudly about something. Anyone speak baby?
7. wants to feed herself all the time now and does so well!
We are very excited that we are going to have a mini-reunion with some of those in our travel group over Memorial Day weekend. YAY!! Asian Invasion in Hotlanta!

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1 comment:

Corey & Ted said...

Checkin' out a few blogs today! Great to see your little Abby is so darn happy! Can't believe we've been home for four months. Hugs to all! xo-c