Monday, November 23, 2009

Touring Hong Kong and McDonald's

Today we toured Hong Kong, going to Victoria Point and the Aberdeen Harbor and a marketplace of some sort. I was struck by how clean everything is. There are people everywhere constantly cleaning. And the entrepreneurs are everywhere... they sell sell sell and set up their shops pretty much any place you could put a table.  We didn't buy any thing today, but it was fun to look at everything.
Lunch was dim sum at a restaurant near the hotel. Our guide had prenegotiated drink prices for us, so Derek and I were able to get cans of coke zero for $2 USD per can. Normally they sell for $4 or $5 each! After lunch we went to the History Museum and are now on information overload. But I did see some nice pieces of blue and white pottery that dated back to 1375. Apparently, the blue and white china never goes out of style! LOL. I really hope to be able to find a cup and saucer or finger bowl when we are in Guangzhou.
Tonight we went to the harbor for the spectacular laser show. That turned out to be a dud. One color laser and it didn't last very long. Makes me wonder if they were having technical difficulties. But we did get to spend time with 2 of the couples here on the trip and that was fun! We have a very good group of people!
After the light show Derek and I went to the McDonald's. Our last night as just a couple and that's where we ended up. Kind of fitting since we had pizza hut on our wedding night. But it was after 9 PM and we wanted something fast and easy.
Hong Kong has been very impressive. Most every sign is in Canton and also English, and there are a lot of foreigners (non Chinese) that live here.  Our guide says her son refers to himself as Hong Kongese. I imagine things will be very different when we get to mainland China. 
That's about it for today. We are pretty tired and want to get a good night's rest tonight. We get Abby tomorrow. I can't believe that the day is here. WOW.
Here are some pictures from today!

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Jackie said...

Yeah! Those pictures of the horse track & Victoria Peak bring back such great memories! Totally understand going to McD's. We did the Pizza Hut thing on our wedding night, too. When you're tired, whatever is easy is good! :) Can't wait to read your next post. So excited for you!