Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I'm such a slacker

I haven't written, I haven't posted pictures, I haven't done squat.

I'm sorry- this is about to be fixed. I got a new camera and I'm itchin to use it. Hopefully this weekend I'll get all caught up.

Let's see, what's new with us?
1. Finished our screened in porch. Started on the addition.
2. I completed my first triathlon on 8-20. Now training for a duathlon on 10-28.
3. I've now lost right at about 50 lbs total. Size 10s are starting to be loose on me!
4. I'm planning a surprise bday party for my mom. Shhhhh it's a surprise- don't tell her if you see her.
5. Work is busy for both of us.
6. Clemson Football, baby! Woo Hoo!!


"M" said...

Congrats on your first TRI!!! WOOHOO. I haven't done one of those (but I do marathons). Great job on the weight loss, too!

Oh, and I love the name Reese. I did jury duty one time with a lady named Reese. I thought it was so unique and pretty. :)

Anonymous said...

You dont have to. Live like you want to live. Forget this peer pressure.

Jenni said...

Great job on your races - I knew you'd love them! Exciting stuff! Murphy would love to come and visit and run - with me being injured, he doesn't get as many runs as he'd like!