Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year! 2006 Here I come!

First of all, I just have to say that I am soooooo glad 2005 is over. It just wasn't a good year for our family. 2006, however, is bound to be better with the prospect of a little one a world away.
I do, however, have the obligatory resolutions that I feel the need to post. Here they are, for all the world to see and hold me accountable to...

1. Lose 50 lbs. Already in process with this one. I've been going to weight watchers since October...
2. Sign up and run a half marathon. I am looking into signing up with the Leukemia and lymphoma society's team in training and doing a half marathon in San Diego in June. I used to be a runner and this is an awesome way to loose weight and exercise. There is an info meeting on 1/26 here in my hometown, so I think I am going to go to it. I know I can run the 13 miles, the question is can I raise the required money to participate?
3. Finish the quilt I started.
4. Catch up all my scrapbooking.
5. Get tickets to Oprah for my mom and I and to go! I tried to get this for Christmas to no avail, so now it is for mother's day!
6. Read all the parenting and child development books I can get my hands on! I think I better get a library card. LOL.
7. Finish cleaning out the attic. This is a big undertaking. Our attic is stuffed with things- when Edra moved in with us, so did all her household items. I've been paring it down since 1998, but I still have a way to go. Right now I've got about 8-10 boxes of older hardback books that I need to find something to do with. Perhaps I can sell them on amazon.com.
8. Spend more time fishing with Derek. It is good quality time for us.
9. Save some money for our trip to China!
10. Have a big garage sale with my mom. Really, I've got some good stuff I can sell!

Happy New Year to everyone. 2006 is the Year of the Dog. I think Katie would have liked that!



Ed and Lisa said...

Hi Suzanne! Glad to see your post! I like your goals... I too am shooting for the 50lb reduction! I am here for encouragement!! (although I may need it to now and then! lol)

Here's to '06... it's going to be an awesome year!
Lisa :)

Georgia and Jeff said...

Hi there, I check your blog from time to time, but wanted to say hello when I saw your goals. Losing 50 before going to China is also my goal. And I'm also just getting back into running. I'm looking at a half marathon as well....probably Atlanta's in November. Good luck finishing the paperchase!

T. Chris said...

I decided to google derek's name since he googled mine and lo and behold I came across your blog!

Nancy and I will be praying about your adoption. We hope that goes well.

I'd also be interested in hearing about the half-marathon experience. Best wishes. Makes me want to train for one too.

Tell Edra I said, "Hello."